Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - My God Has A Telephone

In which Aaron Frazer steps up to the microphone and sings for his fucking life. My God Has A Telephone is as intense as soul gets - devotional gospel, faltering vocals, the sense of dramatic tragedy looming - set to a stealthy rhythm and skinny guitar.

If you keep watch on the soul revival you'll have devoured Durand Jones & the Indications' album last year. It's hard to pick a favourite from that modern deep soul classic - I can't separate Giving Up, Can't Keep My Cool and Is It Any Wonder?

Aaron's day job is in the Indications. He sings lead on Is It Any Wonder? You need that desperate pleading, too:

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Jonathan Richman story

People were asking: is this guy a genius or a madman?

"Jonathan wandered in with all these people who had acted in Warhol movies. He had the new Velvet Undergound album, Loaded, which I had not heard, and he was really excited by it."
Jerry Harrison

"I called up hospitals because I wanted to do something. I entertained these retarded 'children' - they were aged eight to sixty - and I realised they understood me far better than the so-called unretarded people. If they liked you, you knew they liked you. And I realised that I wanted to get away from the direction that my music was headed."

Edwyn Collins was also a fan, and adapted the title of Orange Juice's debut LP, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, from on a line in Hi Dear on Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers."

"Live At The Longbranch Saloon...proves that the Modern Lovers were light years ahead of their US punk compatriots."

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Rips by Rips (RIP Faux Discx)

Faux Discx (2006 - 2017) is shutting up shop. Apparently there's only so many years a man can take of losing money and living among cardboard boxes of unsold stock.

That stock is on sale now. Really low prices for some truly great records. The last great record I bought from that label is the debut by Rips.

Rips sound like The Strokes - verse hook melodies - and Parquet Courts - fidgety post-punk and excessively lively songs. Austin Brown of Parquet Courts produced the album so that makes sense. I don't know why this album didn't turn on lights around the world. It must be tough putting out records this good and they don't sell out within a week.

There are other great records on Faux Disc going cheap (£3 to £5) that are looking for a home. Buy them. And buy the ones on labels that are still going because otherwise we'll lose those labels as well.