Saturday 31 August 2019

KRGA - Mysterious Lady

The Big Star death disc industry - releasing different demos, alternate mixes and live versions in different packaging to people with more money than interest in new music - hasn't come close to unearthing a song as good as Mysterious Lady. Or the b-side, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which is even better.

There's no escaping that Big Star (or perhaps more accurately Chris Bell) is the number one influence on Chicago's Ryan Krga. You can add the Everly Brothers and Badfinger if you want. But these ringing guitars, sad-eyed laments and country-tinged breakdowns pull off the Chilton/Bell trick brilliantly and stand tall on their own without ever coming close to pastiche.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Portishead: Dummy original press release and biography

Geoff has long admired the works of John Barry, A Tribe Called Quest, Giorgio Moroder and Isaac Hayes.

This is coupled with Beth's specific beat for Janis Joplin, Elizabeth Fraser and Astrud Gilberto.

Geoff and beth met on an Enterprise Training Scheme in 1991.

Dummy is the sound of 90s urban blues.