Friday 29 November 2019

Pure Moods - Upward Spiral

Teenage angst so hard to beat, right? Pure Moods’ Adam Modric might be out of his teens, but this low-slung Melbourne jangle has bedroom pop, romantic desolation and low-level isolation written all over it.

Hardly surprising, because Upward Spiral is a collection of home recordings from 2016 to 2019. They’re drowsy slacker rock, laid-back lazy hums and instantly charming. Fans of early Real Estate and The Twerps need to take notice right now.

No expense was spent on these recordings - oh shut up at the back, no one’s putting a monetary value on heartbreak - and even if the whole mopefest checks out in less than 20 minutes it’s because its work is done.

Upward Spiral is released by Tear Jerk Records, who put out one of last year’s great albums, Oh Boy by Massage. Like that, this is pressed in a run of 100 copies, so step to it.