Sunday 31 December 2023

20 songs by 20 new acts from 2023

Another vintage year for global pop hits. All new acts - well, new as in haven't been on the year-end list before. New Estate have been around for ever; eventually enough people will take notice.

No one's claiming that new band Broken Blossom Threats feature debutantes, but this is their first record and they hit hard enough with inspiration from their teenage favourites to make you dizzy.

There's no way to stream the Livskraft album, for shame, because it's more amazing Gothenburg twisted folk, all litanic verses and hypnosis. If they start a cult - I mean, they could already be a cult - then I'm joining even if it means spending the next 6 months in their cellar.

Oh yeah, I know a couple of these singles came out at the end of 2022 but I waited for them to hit the import racks. You've seen international postage rates, right?

Deary - Fairground Dancer - Disposable Vape The Lost Days - For Today Broken Blossom Threats - You Don't Have To Know Where To Go Autocamper - Never End Colored Lights - I Used To Cook Jalen Ngonda - If You Don't Want My Love Expensive Music Band - Cool Aunty New Estate - Westie Dwaal Troupe - Mary Marionette Emilia Sisco - Trouble The Hazmats - Skewed View Spiral X - Deja Vu Cuticles - Cheese In My Brain The Gabys - Theresa Usurabi - Out Of This World Almond Joy - San Francisco Portable Radio - Good News Livskraft Myriam Gendron - Fais Dodo