Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Pay A Little Slayer

From1996-8 the most exciting twists on dance music were coming out of France by way of Kid Loco, Air and Dimitri from Paris. Air went tits up, and I stopped paying much attention to the other two. Dimitri from Paris's new ep, The Nice One Innit, though, is one of 2011's most impressive feats.

I Pay A Little Slayer is the standout track. Anyone looking for an Aretha/Slayer mash-up should look elsewhere; this is a subtle reworking of I Say A Little Prayer that shrinks the big beat blueprint to make a small beat gem. There's no way it's better than the original, but this version is that rare thing: a remix that breathes new life into a classic that you didn't dare hope could be refreshed.

While I struggle with embedding the video or the soundcloud, head here.

There are great interpretations of The Velvelettes' He Was Really Saying Something (Just Sayin' Really) and Prince's I Wanna Be Your Lover (I Wanna Be Your Lobster) which add to the fun.

The remix of Them's garage rock standard Gloria proves what a hundred covers have already told us: there's no magic dust that can make it anything other than a sweaty, laboured work out.

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