Friday, 20 May 2011

Paisley & Charlie: Stone Lions

Stone Lions is played in the key of Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, treads in the miserablism of The Dream Academy’s Life In A Northern Town and traces the rain-soaked footsteps of reluctant romantics The Wake.
Paisley & Charlie -Stone Lions by StephenHarvey
There have been loads of bands, mostly Swedish, trying to do this sort of thing in the past 10 years with little success. Most of them have painted themselves into a corner by apparently using only The Field Mice’s anaemic For Keeps as a reference point.

Paisley and Charlie make the grade, though, by spreading their wings: Julia Misbehaves on the b-side is my pick of this single. It’s found a spot somewhere between National Pastime by the Stockholm Monsters and The First Picture Of You by The Lotus Eaters, and marked out its own, very special, territory
Paisley & Charlie-julia misbehaves by StephenHarvey

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