Monday 27 June 2011

New Estate

The past couple of years has seen the early 90s US indiepop underground revisited. I'm all for it when bands like Sweet Bulbs and Big Troubles make that messed-up breathtaking noise.

The core influences of that time were kids trying to be My Bloody Valentine, UK indiepop, and the established US indie influence of labels like SST and Homestead.

There are enough bands now to call it a scene. One band too early for this revival were Melbourne's New Esate. Led by Mia Schoen, formerly of Sleepy Township, whose claim for the new band was they'd "washed the wussiness out": too fucking right - New Estate hit the fuzz pedals, turned up the volume and drove huge tunes through the noise.

Don't Like The Way from their debut album, Considering, is still my favourite New Estate track:

(ignore the detail that says this is an untitled demo: that's just how it was sent to me by an Australian friend in 2003)

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