Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pristine Christine demo

I got a Sea Urchins demo tape in the summer of 87. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but I'd written to them expressing my devotion to Cling Film and Summershine. They very kindly sent me a tape featuring a demo of Pristine Christine:

The tape had three other songs: Everglades (the version that appeared on the b-side to Pristine Christine), Walking With Happy (later titled You're So Much when released on the Stardust compilation) and a live song called Said (re-named Sullen Eyes when it joined Everglades on the b-side).

Archivists might want to know that Pristine Christine was released on 14 November 1987. This fact is unlikely to help you in a pop quiz.


  1. That tape must be worth a small fortune now, I hope you never sell it! This is awesome, thank you for sharing!

  2. I've never thought about it having value as an object. I suppose there are nutjobs on ebay who'd pay for it... Still, glad you like the music!

  3. Ah! That tape we were talking about in the pub last week. Fabulous to hear it. It is indeed awesome.

  4. Hi
    Is 'walking with happy' the same version as 'Your So Much"? I did actually obtain a bootleg CD of Sea Urchins demos a few years back, going to have to try and dig that out now and see if there are any gems like this on it

  5. Yeah, Walking With Happy is the same version as Your're So Much. If you do turn up any unreleased gems, let us know!

  6. found it

    live aberystwyth jan 1989 plus demo


    please rain fall
    i see some things
    untitled (not fierce 45)
    waiting to get tired
    james blues

  7. any chance i can get a copy of this cd?