Thursday 1 March 2012

Colleen Green - Milo Goes To Compton

If it always rained in California then Best Coast might forget about loving her mum and cat and sound like Colleen Green. Milo Goes To Compton - that's a reference to The Descendents' melodic blitzkreig right there - is DIY punk from The Ramones-inspired I Wanna Be Degraded to the cheap electronic pop of Nice Boy (I Want A).

I heard this album a year ago but left it because it was only on cassette. It's just been released on green (yeah, I know) vinyl so I blew the cobwebs off my credit card. If you say it's a little unfinished in places, then I'll say it's gloriously haphazard. If it fails at times, it doesn't care and quickly moves on without looking back.

Some might reckon that means tape was the right medium for Milo Goes To Compton. I say thousands of great pop songs fall about, fly too close to the sun and do things wrong just right on vinyl. Perfect pop is human and has its flaws. This record is just that.

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  1. YES! you are a very very smart person. thank you :D