Saturday, 12 May 2012


The year is 2030. Bethany Best Coast and Nathan Wavves’ daughter has grown up with guitars and good music. She writes songs every day. Some of them are really good. At least as good as her parents made before over-exposure to designer drugs led them to live in a customised skateboard.

Back in 2012, KEEL HER – or Rose Keeler-Schäffeler as she’s known to her real parents – makes music that captures Best Coast’s stoned summer pop and Wavves’ fried feedback. Mostly, it’s coming from similar sussed pop territory as Mazes.

There are new songs every day. Some of them are as good as their fantastic titles:

you would be so grossed out if i did that

i suck (but you suck more)

Then there’s Gillespie, which sounds like Melody Dog if they’d covered Guided By Voices instead of Primal Scream

There are dozens more on bandcamp. Then there’s a song on a 4-track 7” next month on Art Is Hard. Exciting times, no?

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