Friday, 27 July 2012

Bitch Prefect

Do you want a band who sound like Beat Happening playing The Feelies? Who stumble gloriously with the conviction that, actually, they're proper rock stars and everyone else can eat shit, like The Pastels did in the 80s? Bitch Prefect have called their first album Big Time because they know they're good.

Bitch Prefect aren't, uh, pitch perfect. They get things wrong but sound just right. The singer can't sing, but it doesn't matter, you know? Their closest cousins are fellow Australians Scott & Charlene's Wedding. If there really is a Para Vista Social Club, then Big Time was surely conceived there.

It's a rougher and readier record than last year's Holiday In America 7". I love both sides of this band. It can only be a matter of time before K Records open their chequebook and sign them.

Bitch Prefect - Bad Decisions by bedroom suck

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