Wednesday 28 November 2012

Southern Comfort: Silver and Gold

This is desolation in slo-mo, a sustained haze like Galaxie 500's Today. The line "I'll watch TV all day now because there's nothing else to do" reminds me of Alan McGee saying he rescued Jim and William Reid from a life of sitting in a small East Kilbride flat watching videos of TV adverts.

There's definitely some of the Mary Chain's dark hypnosis in Southern Comfort's naggingly ragged bliss, maybe like the Dum Dum Girls if they'd never heard the Shop Assistants. They cover Neil Young's Don't Cry No More Tears on the b-side, which makes sense, but I want more Southern Comfort originals. Or whatever they'll be called after the whiskey company makes them change their name.

I got this record from Wooly Bully in Melbourne, the city's newest record shop. One of the older record shops suggested I go there after I asked for new stuff in the Bitch Prefect/Dick Diver/Scott & Charlene's Wedding vein. John from Woollen Kits co-runs it and this was one of his recommendations. When Wooly Bully get a mail order service, it'll be the place for overseas orders.


  1. Hey Ben - Good find! Since I heard the A-side of this on Youtube, I've been jonesing for a copy so bad I'm tempted to offer you (a small amount of) money to tape the B-side for me...

    Haven't found a copy for sale in the UK thus far, but then I'm an idiot when it comes to finding records, so it's probably out there somewhere.

    (Oh, and there's a several-years-old myspace profile that has a few more original tunes by them on it if yr interested: )

  2. Thanks for the myspace tip - I always ignore myspace, but in this case it's turned up the goods. You can get the single in the UK here.