Friday 8 February 2013

Small Reactions - Michael J. Foxworthy

Michael J. Foxworthy is a sneak preview of the Small Reactions Basement Tapes, issued years after they stopped making blisteringly intense guitar pop songs driven by propulsive krautrock rhythms.

Small Reactions haven’t even finished their debut album, of course. But you know their two award-winning singles (I give out the awards). So you’ll know that there will surely come a time when they’ve left the urgent, white heat of their records behind for designer drugs, heart-shaped Jacuzzis and the adulation of every new band.

That’s my best guess and I’ve only heard the first rough mixes for the album. Michael J. Foxworthy is where it started in 2010: “…it doesn’t really sound like anything we’ve done since. But here it stands, it all its abrasive, loud, angular glory.”

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