Thursday 11 April 2013

Camperdown & Out: Couldn't Be Better

You'll find Camperdown & Out in the middle of The Lemonheads' slacker-jangle, Nodzzz's rattling garage thump and The Tyde's sunny uplands. It hits the sweet spot between fresh pop and raw rock'n'roll.

But if you've already got The Modern Lovers' Roadrunner and Old World, Felt's Something Sends Me To Sleep and Dismantled King Is Off The Throne, and Lou Reed's Vicious, then you've got half this record already. Those songs have been reheated and served up under different names.

Full marks for Camperdown & Out's songs here - they'd have made one of 2013's most exciting EPs. Half marks, though, for the rehashes. I bet if I'd have heard Camperdown & Out's first demo, I'd have jumped at signing them (if I had a record label, you understand), but this album is too much, too soon.

Give them some time and they'll transcend their influences and make an album that can stand proud next to the ones they're so obviously in thrall to.

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