Thursday 10 April 2014

Jonathan Richman in the 21st century

The new Jonathan Richman compilation No Me Quejo De Mi Estrella takes songs from his last 5 albums, mostly live favourites. Many of the ones my friend asked me if they were new songs at Jonathan's last London gig 2 years ago.

So this compilation is good for Jonathan fans who haven't bought any of his new albums this century. The new songs Jonathan has played in the past few years suggest his next album - and let's hope it comes soon - will be a belter.

The record label says "you could pick sixteen different titles and still come up with an equally solid album". I'm not going to take that as a challenge. But 5 of the 16 songs are from Her Mystery Not Of High Heels and Eye Shadow, the best of those 5 albums and a record that you must hunt down. It's one of his best ever.

Yes, you could pick 16 different songs, but you could buy the 5 albums. They don't disappoint. As a taster, here are some of what I reckon are the more glaring omissions from this compilation:

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