Monday 12 May 2014


This is Waxahatchee only more primitive. It's flashes of white light and white heat. It's Dum Dum Girls in 2008 - ramshackle, raw and deliciously disturbing.

They recorded 2 songs quick as you like with the controls set to distortion and fuck-off pop. They're Shangri-Las melodrama and Black Tambourine whiplash snarl. Both songs are magnificent.

Deers are from Madrid. They'll sign a million dollar record deal sometime this year.


  1. This is great! Another good find Ben!
    I see what you mean about DUM DUM GIRLS 2008 - they along with BEST COAST & FRANKIE ROSE made great debuts & then went downhill fast!

  2. There were limitations to the, er, limited range of Dum Dum Girls. If they carried on the way they started it would have quickly sounded forced or purposefully unambitious. I love their early records, but recognise they had to do something else. Where they went I didn't follow.

    Man, I loved those Best Coast singles and, wow, what a live act. I still listen to the first album, but even then the love my mom/miss my cats/like smokin' weed had got a bit repetitive. It wasn't a new sound, but jesus Best Coast made it sound new. Maybe Best Coast, too, were bored of it after the 1st album. I didn't take to the 2nd album. And I completely missed that there was a 3rd one. I'll check that out now.