Thursday 6 November 2014

Weed Hounds

Clattering percussion, furious feedback and ethereal femme vocals - so far, the bog-standard fare of any record in the US shoegaze revival.

But Weed Hounds’ debut album is more adventurous than that. Gales of noise skittle riffs from their moorings, unhinged melodies demand you follow them and disturbing, fragmented rhythms punch unexpectedly.

I took 3 or 4 plays before I realised how good this record is. Give each song a few listens and let their constituent parts unpack themselves. You’ll hear songs that break rules and bend ears. And you’ll be hooked and hypnotised.

If you don’t like adventurous guitar music, there are plenty of other bands to amuse you. But if you like Weekend and Wildhoney and Sweet Bulbs - intense, uncompromising, hard-won pleasures - then you’ll find every answer to your music wish list in Weed Hounds.


  1. good timing- there were less than 5 copies of the lp left and i managed to snag one!

  2. Good man! I'd have written about it sooner but its greatness took time to sink in. It will, I think, eventually be recognised as a classic.