Friday, 10 April 2015

Cherry Boop & The Sound Makers: No Answer (Andy Lewis mix)

Cherry B's debut single I Want To Give You My Everything made some of the right noises 2 years ago. The Delfonics' William Hart contributed vocals and Philly soul legend Bobby Eli produced it. But quite weirdly it was promoted as a cover of the Carl Douglas song.

That Carl Douglas song is itself a cover of Newby & Johnson's minor mid-tempo Chicago gem. Maybe Carl Douglas was referenced because he's famous; however, the cynic in me suggests that as Cherry B's cover is too close in style to Newby & Johnson's original, the promotional machine didn't want attention drawn to it.

Last year's The Way I Am album is good - some of it's very good - without being in any way exceptional. It's a pleasant journey from supper club soul to candyfloss pop and back again. What it really needs is some excitement, some oomph and a kick up the arse.

And that's exactly what Andy Lewis (him out of Spearmint to me, but maybe better known as out of Paul Weller's band) has done to No Answer. He's heightened the drama and upped the tension to create a few minutes of magic filed under northern soul floater. It's on 7". Of course it is. It has to be.

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