Tuesday 12 May 2015

Adult Books

*WARNING*This record will be delivered in a plain package emblazoned by an 'adult books' sticker if you buy it from the label and your friendly postie will then have a very different idea about what you're buying off the internet.

If you buy as many records as I do, then your mail carrier might consider you as having a very high interest in 'specialist literature'. But if you really did buy that many records, you'd probably already have this record on either its 2013 release or its 2014 Burger tape release. But that's because you're cooler than me.

Adult Books do two things, both very well:
1. The early 90s US post-punk thing with rollicking riffs that played fast and insanely catchy riffs. See Archers Of Loaf's Icky Mettle. Listen to In Love Again.
2. LA power pop. Hair in the breeze, fists in the air, the scent of sex. Wonderful stuff.

Buy the record from Box Bedroom Rebels. All these links are here so you don't have to search for "adult books".

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