Friday 30 October 2015

Foley! - Ascot Vale

Ascot Vale is an album about being in your early 20s and getting drunk and falling in love and getting dumped.

Foley! aren't doing anything radically new and they know it on Feeding Egos: "I’ve been writing all these songs and they all sound the fucking same." But knowing their limitations means they stick to what they do best: smash and grab punk pop that takes hold first time.

Sure, you and I have both heard this sort of thing a thousand times before, but every time you hear it afresh you can easily wonder why every band doesn't do this sort of thing. But you know most bands can't do this and Foley!'s new bite, extra venom and pure passion make this album a real treat.

Ascot Vale (the album, not the Melbourne suburb) came out earlier this year. It's on blue vinyl and yours for $AU20.

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