Thursday 17 March 2016

Spinning Coin - Albany

Albany is angular pop and rhythmic stuttering like Josef K's It's Kinda Funny. Live, Spinning Coin have three guitarists upfront, all west coast (Scotland or the USA, take your pick) harmonies and classic tunes. Yes, like Teenage Fanclub, only with a bit more dirt under their fingernails.

Remember how Franz Ferdinand took the Josef K template and aimed to "make music that girls that can dance to"? Spinning Coin have decided, actually, maybe they'd rather make hesitant Josef K post-punk in a DIY style for people who can't dance but quite like the idea of it.

With a record this good it's customary to pronounce it 'single of the year', But Albany might have to fight the new Sheer Mag single for that. So let's celebrate brilliance (because that's what this is) and enjoy its splendour of riches.

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