Friday 26 August 2016

The Lilac Time - Astronauts

It was 25 years ago today that The Lilac Time released their best album. The world mostly didn't listen, but their press office thought they might so issued a press pack.

At least, my terrible filing system suggests they did, but some of the pages in this are from interviews years after, so I've mixed up pages from other albums somewhere. Some of this stuff must have been with a CD. Have you tried to keep A4 paper with CDs? It doesn't work.

Lilac Time devotees will enjoy these interviews, reviews and career overviews. Everyone will love this first interview for it speaks of kissing boys, punching record company execs, being in love and Nigel Kennedy ("I'd never record with him cos I'm better at playing the violin than him" - history would prove him wrong on at least one of these points).

A bonus mark to Stephen for saying he'd cover Stop That Girl by Subway Sect. Yes, I am still waiting for that.

"I got so depressed making this album [Astronauts] that I gave up before it was finished. I just stopped and split up the band. It came out six months later. Of course, this is the record everyone loves..."


  1. Hi,

    The first interview is actually from 1995 ('Duffy LP era) so the thing about Nigel kennedy isn't meant to be taken seriously...

    I love the 'Astronauts' LP so much... Many people do, all around the world, but sadly it's long been out of print. It was reissued once by Creation in 1996 (I suspect that press pack of yours is from 1996, a time Steve was briefly back in the Top 40 with MeMeMe) It's never been reissued since apparently for legal reasons... Creation got into trouble in 1996 as they were told they didn't own the rights to this LP anymore and should have never reissued it. Only the company threatening them to sue folded so when Steve tried to get the rights back to do a proper reissue a few years ago, he was told he couldn't get them back... not because he wasn't allowed to but basically because nobody knows who owns this recording anymore. Alan McGee loves Astronauts but can't be opf help cos' he doesn't know, Sony don't know, Warners don't know... Maybe this will be sorted out one day or the other. Thank you for talking of this hidden gem!

    1. Thanks, Mitch, for clearing that up. I hope Astronauts get reissued not least to bring its greatness to a wider audience.

  2. its going to be reissued again with a bonus live recorded cd in manchester during the tour and outtakes

  3. I was at the manchester gig and took loads of pictures and spoke to duffy at the gig which i guess will be deleted .i know somebody sent a tape from the desk to him at his po box bromyard and clearly this has been in safe keeping ..i did some tapes of his music in colors gigs which he did on the toilet circuit ...Leeds duchess of york ..manchester university ,sheffeld leadmill ....good to see a reissue

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