Monday 30 July 2018

Tony Molina - Kill The Lights

Bobby Gillespie was once asked why Velocity Girl ended after 90 seconds: “Because it’s finished.” Tony Molina’s brevity is even more impressive: the 10 songs on Kill The Lights pack in 60s 12-string jangle, orchestral psych and woozy folk-rock in 14 minutes total.

If Molina’s musical year zero is The Byrds’ C.T.A. 102 its aesthetic is Guided By Voices - short, sharp songs, no compromise, that do pop, punk and psych like the Buzzcocks playing The White Album, then quit.

Molina’s quality control levels are set higher than Bob Pollard’s - chances are Molina wrote enough songs for an hour-long album but threw most of them away. What remains is the very best.

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