Tuesday 10 December 2019

Ducks Unlimited - Get Bleak

"Maybe you should fuck off entirely." Who said romance was dead? Twilit keyboards and irresistible ping pong guitar lines - miserable melodrama and giant pop hooks - summon up one side of Factory Records' ethic, a bit of New Order and a lot of The Wake. That sound later adopted by The Field Mice. There's even some Strange Idols Felt in there - tribal drums twinned with ultra-styled guitar.

This is a seriously good ep. Before you can say 'are you scared to get bleak', all four captivating songs strongly suggest that in 2020 Ducks Unlimited will be the indiepop window to watch. Expect button badge sales to soar. And this pay-off line sung at your local disco: "if you're ever in the mood to dissociate baby, give me a call".

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