Friday 9 September 2011

The Bats: Other Side Of You live in 1991

The Bats on top form, live in Invercargill in 1991, a reminder, among other things, that they've shone brightly for decades and that Paul Kean is as essential to the indiepop bass sound as Chris Hillman:

You'll know that there's a new Bats album, Free All Monsters, out next month and there's a video for that song? It sounds more like At The National Grid than The Guilty Office. On balance, this could be a good thing; TGO has got the greater share of pop classics (if there's ever a post-Compiletely, The Orchard will be one of the key songs), but ATNG is stronger start to finish:


  1. wow! where did you find the Other Side Of You live recording? Great sound - is there more from this gig? I must talk the band into playing this song live again.

  2. The source of that recording will be contacting you to offer you the whole set. It's a good gig and worth posting on The Bats site (alternatively, I can post it here if you like).