Monday 12 September 2011

The Visitors live in 1988

This live recording features old favourite Never Has Never Will (there's a kinship with McCarthy there, I reckon) and an unreleased song, Lovelorn and Dopey.

I got a fair few demo tapes back in the late 80s. The Visitors one I thought then was the best; Matinee were right to issue their recordings, Nuggets style, in 2000. If you haven't got that collection, Miss, grab your chance.

I asked former Visitors singer Tim Hopkins about this. After expressing relief that this was made after he'd left the band he exclaimed:
Blimes a desk recording! I have half an idea this was made at a show I wasn't at, maybe supporting the Bodines at Exeter Lemon Grove.


  1. It's a very odd thing to see photos of my spouse as a teenager. Thank you Benjamin.

  2. It's a very odd thing to see photos of your spouse with such luscious locks!

  3. Hi...any more live songs from The Visitors? would love to hear more!!

  4. Yeah, there are some more. I've got a massive backlog of tapes and records to digitise, and there's always the new records I'm digitising, so don't hold your breath!