Tuesday 11 October 2011

McCarthy - a Malcolm Eden interview

"I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of myself in a cracked mirror at the age of three, and although others have come and gone, I have remained true to this sparkling vision."

"I don't really regard the lyrics as political, however I do tend to write about 'the world' rather than myself. This is a practice I would like to see encouraged in young shamblers."
This interview is reproduced from Simply Thrilled Honey fanzine, originally published sometime around September 87.

If anyone knows where Malcolm Eden is, or if dear reader you are in fact Malcolm Eden, London's fashionable Scared To Dance club is very keen to secure your DJing services in exchange for cash money.


  1. According to this interview (which seems to be from 2007, though some of the reference points within would suggest an earlier date), Malcolm "hardly ever buys records nowadays, and that music has lost it’s meaning for him.
    ”I buy classical records sometimes. I like Bach very much. My wife bought the last Madonna album, so I had to listen to that quite a lot.”


    Chances of him wanting to dj at an indie club are slight, I reckon. Even so, a highly entertaining interview. Malcolm was a total one-off, I think, and had/has a remarkable mind. I saw Herzfeld's (only?) gig. It was great.

  2. (After further research, this seems to be a reprint of a PennyBlackMusic interview from 2002, which seems to make more sense chronologically...)

  3. (after more googling) This fella made a record with Malcolm circa 2004...


    And f- me! An absolutely brilliant unreleased late-period McCarthy song here:

  4. You saw Herzfeld?! Good work. I played the single a lot back then but felt cooler towards the album. I should play them both again.

    Thanks for the interview link. This is very true: "We had very long titles towards the end". I'll check out the unreleased song tomorrow (a bit tipsy after the Withered Hand gig and an 11-hour work day, so must rest now).