Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Primitives Peel Session

This Peel session comes from a time before The Primitives found studio polish and the charts. I reckon all those American bands of the past 5 years who sound a bit like the Shop Assistants might just have a fondness for The Primitives' raw melodicism as well.

I think this was spring 87. It shares tape space with sessions from Tbe Bodines, The Wedding Present and The Smiths anyhow.

Why upload this now? Well, The Primitives are playing at the Fortuna Pop birthday bash next week at the Scala - a few tickets are still available -and as label boss Sean Price once gave me free singles by Twinkie and Mogul, I owe him big time.

Am I going to the gig? No. I'm a humourless old shit who thinks The Primitives' best days are behind them.

She Don't Need You/Ocean Blue/Everything's Shining Bright/Dreamwalk Baby


  1. Well I am going. Someone has to keep the flag flying for the grumpy old men brigade.

  2. Yeah, but you'll be standing in the bar afterwards shouting, "Fackin' sell outs. They were so much better at Subterrania in 1986. I always preferred Bubblegum Splash anyway. Werther's Original, anyone?"