Sunday 26 January 2014

Odd Box 100 Club Series Vol 2

Sock Puppets - Cute Boys Are Cute
A riot in under 50 seconds, snappy like First Base and day-glo like Helen Love, Cute Boys Are Cute is young, dumb and full of cum. This song is a breathless, giddy, quick fuck.

Bloomer - Long Slow Ride
I don't know if this is about sex or a bus journey - quite possibly both - but it hammers along like mid-80s Pastels, equal parts dirty and dreamy, fuzzy noise and pin-sharp melodies. Another hit.

Dog Legs - Toot Toot Hey!
The first record from one of 2013's most exciting newcomers is an absolute gem. Smart, sassy punk-pop like The Go-Go's We Got The Beat only grungier and more teenage. Huggy Bear never sounded this good. I bet they wish they had.

City Yelps - Saying Things For Effect
You know how in the 80s Flying Nun released the records that weren't quite pop enough - the ones they weren't sure what to do with - in black and white sleeves? The ones that drew from the less obvious parts of Lou Reed's back catalogue and early krautrock? They were all pretty special. So is this.

King of Cats - Half Nelson
I worry for the psychological health of any teenagers who have sex to this music. I should worry, too, for King of Cats, but it's too late for them. They're fucking weirdos who've created a space between Daniel Johnston and the Butthole Surfers, and I'm very glad they did.

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