Monday 6 January 2014

Orange Juice by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures

This is about alcohol, tobacco and ephedrine, and a little bit of orange juice. The drink, not the band. It's like Paul Simon with a reggae rhythm (my five pounds says Stanley knows Weather Report by The Tennors) and there's a hint of the ragged sparsity of Blur's Coffee and TV.

This song even gives you the opportunity, if you were that way inclined, to shout "guitar solo" but I rather suspect crowds of fans will be shouting along to the delicious pay-off line "the radio sucks balls". In matching life's hangdog vagaries with love's jubilation, Orange Juice lifts gloom into hard-won glory. It's pure musical joy.

You can buy this orange vinyl 7" from Fika or at Stanley Brinks' Hangover Lounge gig on January 19, where you can have your own alcohol and orange juice (ephedrine not supplied).

Just watch the video. Everyone's having so much fun!