Thursday 6 February 2014

Freschard: And The Rain/Monsters

"Thank God for the rain, what a metaphor," Julian Henry once trilled. Thank God, too, for The Wave Pictures who've breathed a different life into two fine Freschard songs.

You'll know And The Rain from Freschard's excellent Boom Biddy Boom album, and you might recall Monsters from Shh...: here they are in a new light. These could be extras from Jonathan Richman's Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow set, all stealthy guitars, midnight atmos and Lou Reed noir. Did someone say The Clientele? Because that works, too.

Yes, you could download it, but this picture disc, the first of 7 this year from the dependable wiaiwya stable, is a handsome beast. So fine I'd eat my dinner off it if I didn't want to play this irresistible single again and again.

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