Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Fuzzy came together by accident. Nic Dalton called them"scary, angry girls - a rockin' band". They told Soul Asylum to fuck off. Lemonheads drummer Dave Ryan loaned them his rehearsal space. Their first album, released 20 years ago, is a punk-pop classic.

Not many people recognised its potential then and it's still not recognised as the classic it is. A lot of bands are doing this sound in 2014. I bet the better of them all know Fuzzy.

I'm sure you can download it for free somewhere, but this is not that place: find it in a second-hand record shop. Finding diamonds in the rough is what they're for.

A longer version of the Fuzzy story is in the press release for their self-titled album. Seed, an Atlantic subsidiary released it. Their roster was brilliant - The Nightblooms, The Earthmen and Ivy for starters - but strangers to commercial success. There's a great Seed story to be written by someone one day.

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