Thursday 10 July 2014

Bob: Kirsty demo

Once upon a time there was band called Jamie Wednesday. A friend some years my senior explained that when they split up with 2 members (Jim Bob and Fruitbat) forming Carter USM and the other, Dean Leggett, forming Bob, fans had to take sides.

I believe him, largely because wars were fought in the 1980s indie trenches over much smaller things. Anyway, the Jamie Wednesday schism passed me by, so I feel I can speak with confidence - and, false modesty aside, complete authority - when I say Bob were the far better band. I bought all their records and none of Carter's.

The public backed, not for the first time, the poorer band, Yes, Carter enjoyed a number one album, frolicked with Phillip Schofield on the telly and sold lots of t-shirts. But did they release lots of great records? No, they did not.

Bob have collected lots of those songs on the 2 CD Leave The Straight Life Behind. It includes their radio sessions, which I think are their best recordings.

It also features 2 versions of my favourite Bob single, Kirsty. But not this demo, so here goes:

Fact: the Fortuna Pop! label takes its motto "more soul than the Wigan Casino" from a line in Bob's Brian Wilson's Bed.

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