Sunday 20 July 2014

Nine Steps To Ugly

One of indiepop's shouldabeens - or should've released more than just one flexidisc in 1988 - Nine Steps To Ugly left a brief but enduring legacy. There's very little information about the band, so here's an interview they did with Two Pint Take Home, the fanzine that came with 100 copies of the flexi.

Incidentally, The Onlookers that the drummer Mark Bevis played in were the Slough-based mod band that the youngsters who went on to be East Village used to follow around and claim as their biggest influence.

Nine Steps To Ugly released another song, Apart, on a compilation tape. They made a load of other recordings. I hope someone's working on issuing them. There'd be some treasure in their vaults.


  1. Completely forgot about this band, don't think i got the flexi with my copy of the zine - too late. Great track. Need to hear more!

  2. Ah, shame about the flexi. There were at least 500, maybe 1,000, copies in all. It can go for silly prices now, but at least one of the songs is on youtube.