Wednesday 10 December 2014

This is not a 2014 year-end list

I know what you're thinking: "how can you possibly make a best of 2014 when you haven't even got the Chook Race album yet?" This isn't a best of 2014. True, it has got some of 2014's best songs, but this is a compilation for friends - the captains of industry and parents who don't have time to scour the dustiest boxes in the dirtiest record shops and the darkest corners of the internet to find the world's finest new musical treats.

True, a best of 2014 might be Withered Hand's New Gods plus some bonus tracks. But there's no Withered Hand on this compilation because if you haven't got New Gods, there's really no fucking hope for you.

Yes, there are some identifiable themes in 2014, thanks for asking. Melbourne, Dunedin and Philadelphia have the most exciting scenes happening. The shoegaze revival is turning into a musical maelstrom that's surpassing the original scene. No, I wasn't much of a fan of it the first time around, but there are some brilliant records coming out in that - admittedly rather loosely affiliated - scene.

Anti-folk is coming back, too, with predictably mixed results but some ace offerings if you dig deep enough.

Encouraging news reached me recently about last year's compilation. A friend heard it at - I kid you not - a dinner party. He was so impressed by the Prophet Hens he bought the album.

You ask this every year, but this is a CD compilation for friends, not a free download. A mate of mine who runs a small record label told me last year: "I do mind that blogs give away my records for download - when it's one song from a 2-track single, I lose sales." Yes, I know that giving away new music would make my blog much more popular, but if I wanted popularity I wouldn't be listening to this (wonderful, life-affirming) indie crap.

Anyway, the track listing:

Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me
Radiator Hospital - Venus Of The Avenue
Wildhoney - Soft Bats
Strand of Oaks - Goshen '97
Curtis Harding - Keep On Shining
Dream Boys - Positive Arguments
Tops - Change of Heart
Hello Saferide - I Was Jesus
Eyelids - Seagulls Into Submission
Cayetana - Dirty Laundry
Trick Mammoth - Baltimore
Lunchbox - Everybody Knows
Dora Maar - Jessica Says
Contrast - Less Than Zero
Deers - Castigadas En El Granero
Twerps - Always Waiting
Piano Movers - Girlfriend’s Lover
Posse - Jon
Tennis - 100 Lovers
Meenk - Reasons
Alphabetical Order Orchestra - The Corrections
Ciggie Witch - Midday Movie

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  1. yeah, wtf people read, i don't know...Brooklyn Vegan, The Quietus, Stereogum and the like. fuck em all.