Tuesday 23 December 2014

Witching Waves: Fear Of Falling Down

This is melodic mayhem like Husker Du and it’s nervy and sharp like fIREHOSE’s If’n. Witching Waves understand that SST-style hardcore is driven by fast drums and, uh, dischord.

Similar to Caeytana’s Nervous Like Me a few months ago, Fear Of Falling Down matches raucous energy to an uncompromising aural assault. On this highly addictive debut, Witching Waves rip up the garage rock template with the spirit of Olympia DIY and The Raincoats’ edginess. They’re keeping the same company as the excellent Wax Idols.

It’s easy to imagine The Vaselines wishing they’d come up with the compelling dual vocals and dirty pop hook of Better Run. And it’s easy to imagine Barber as the extra song on Sleater-Kinney’s debut. It’s easier still to imagine that 2015 will belong to Witching Waves.

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