Wednesday 1 July 2015

Teaser Pony: Champion Pony

This is what happens when Melbourne's dolewave pioneers Dick Diver become too successful for the tag. One of them, Al McKay, makes a 7" ep. It's very, very good.

Teaser Pony's storytelling folk and new wave bite are another sign of Paul Kelly (finally) getting his due among young Australian musicians. The first sign I noticed was Darren Hanlon 15 years ago. No one seemed to follow that lead. Fast forward to 2013 and it's obvious that Scott & Charlene's Wedding's brilliant Any Port In A Storm wouldn't exist without Paul Kelly's Post as its foundation.

Then there's Courtney Barnett. Now there's Teaser Pony.

Speak to most Australians of Darren Hanlon's age and they're likely to describe Kelly as daggy. But a younger Australian generation is picking up on Kelly's 1980s albums for a rich domestic influence.

Of course, Al McKay might think Paul Kelly is a dag. But it doesn't sound like he does.


  1. This is really good!

  2. Just thought you should know that you've got your facts a little muddled. While Al McKay is an undisputed god of Aussie storytelling within Dick Diver, Chris Chrisafi actually leads Teaser Pony as both songwriter and lead guitarist. Matthew Hadley plays rhythm, Dave Reidy plays bass and Al played drums before departing for London. Pat O' Brian formerly of Radiant Living has since replaced him.

  3. Thanks, that's really interesting and useful. I look forward to Chris Chrisafi making some more records. I've played this ep to death.