Wednesday 22 July 2015

Adult Mom: Momentary Lapse Of Happily

Firstly, these song titles are gold. Try these for size: What's Another Lipstick Mark, Sorry I Was Sorry, Meg Ryan.

Secondly, the lyrics are by turns confessional and whip smart black comedy. Coming out song Told Ya So presses all the right buttons: "It's okay to feel the world/It is okay to kiss...girls"

If there is a scene (alternative, rough and tumble, folky, distaff) then the Crutchfield sisters are its godmothers. I'm not sure there is a scene, though. I think it's more likely we're lucky enough to be enjoying a range of DIY pop that hisses and spits and glows bright, and much of the really good stuff is done by women.

Anyhow, Adult Mom's sound reaches as far back to the beautiful misery of X, the dramatic drive of The Raincoats, and Patti Smith's fire and fury.

Maybe there's a link between - off the of top of my head - Girlpool and Two White Cranes and Rebel Kind and Frankie Cosmos (pick your own - there are loads more). Or maybe a lot of great new music is made by women and it's a pattern that's been missed by major festival bookers.

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