Tuesday 8 September 2015

Center Negative: Emotion Is Cringey

Usually this type of oblique noise and no-expense-spent recording reveals itself in Texas, but this fucked-up cassette of DIY psych-punk was recorded in a room without windows in Auckland. 

The opening track In (yes, I see what they did there) is a manifesto: "This album covers obvious truths in an accessible style to ensure that a gullible public will like it. Yet despite all its crafty licks and soaring pop  choruses it's actually quite good."

I like it partly because of those soaring pop choruses. But I'm a gullible type who enjoys budget anthems called Change Is The Most Sincere Kind Of Apology.

I also like it because it's a political album with barbed swipes at barbaric government, religious and business traditions.

Large parts of this tape, though, are unlikely to realise the manifesto's ambition of "scoring Micheal McClelland some kind of girlfriend". Unless, of course, NZ has fair maidens likely to be seduced by songs called Fuck You and Existential Arrogance. 

Emotion Is Cringey is uneven - a few songs sound either hurried or were recorded under the influence of something a bit more mind-altering than 2 cans of Speights - but this is a very strong tape that you could easily imagine being on Xpressway.

Looks like blogger isn't embedding streams. So listen to Change Is The Most Sincere Kind Of Apology on bandcamp

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