Tuesday 22 September 2015

Salad Boys: Metalmania

Remember four years ago when Real Estate and The Twerps went on tour and released pretty much the same albums? Salad Boys have in Metalmania picked up that template of drowsy folk-rock and lazy psychedelia and added more bite.

Metalmania is in part what Real Estate's and The Twerps' follow-up albums, Atlas and Range Anxiety, might have been. Which is a way of saying I instantly hold Metalmania closer to my heart.

There are two parts to this album that make it one step away from magic:
  • melodic and experimental inspiration from The Byrds 1967 - 1970 (pristine pop, countrified tenderness, fried minds)
  • the fire and fury of Snapper's krautrock: pummelling rhythms, waves of noise, insistently engaging

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