Monday 9 November 2015

Dirtygirl - Junk Food

Dirtygirl are manically melodic like Bruising, petulantly spiteful like Colour Me Wednesday and sharply punk like No Ditching.

They say they're "just catchy pop punk tunes" but there's more going on here. Songs about bloody sheets (Seaside), negative body issues (most of the songs) and a guy with a tiny dick who'll never see the cute, sexy girl in her new underwear (Fat Girl) suggest Dirtygirl are, with Dog Legs, the riot grrrl wing of the UK's vibrant DIY scene.

There's even a song that has that Shop Assistants revival sound bands like Vivian Girls were doing a few years ago. Well, they do have "girl" in their band name. It used to be compulsory. It was seldom this good. Here, listen:

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