Wednesday 11 November 2015

Fuck Marry Kill - Daddy Issues

If Spice World had Daddy Issue's Glue Sniffer as its soundtrack then it would have been as big as Grease. 

What a song! It kicks some guy's sorry butt ("he's a snake! a cheater too! a liar and a loser and a rick of bamboo") with call and response vocals, a classic riff (just like the New York Dolls used to hijack Bowie or Richards) and a 10 cent punk guitar solo.

This (digital only) album is good time, gutsy rock'n'roll with a side order of snake-hipped balladry (Wild Thing), garage rock noise and surf guitar solos. 

It's the best thing Daddy Issues have done. They leave on a high, because this is their final bow. Better to burn out than to fade away.


  1. Literally playing them on me radio show in 3 minutes. Sometimes I don't know if whether you're creeping over my shoulder, I'm creeping over yours or we're both creeping over someone in common...

    ps- there's a four song cassette that's also aces and a UK 7" with two of the tracks from it...

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  3. Hey! I'm no stalker. This is very difficult for me to say, but...I prefer their *later* work. Great you're giving them radio play. I hope the world takes notice.