Wednesday 16 December 2015

2015 - one year in an hour

Yes, time for the annual compilation that I give to friends who quite rightly have better things to do than find music made by people whose efforts would, if they enjoyed greater exposure, increase public demand for the return of military conscription.

Every year around April I wonder 'will there be enough nuggets for a compilation at this rate?' I should never worry. There are always too many. And some absolute belters have been left off this year thanks to computer problems, or perhaps my problems with computers.

So a truer reflection of the year's stand outs would include Degustation by Point Being and I Want To Want You by Breakfast Muff and Fan The Flames by Sheer Mag. But what would they replace? Just know that there's a lot of brilliant stuff out there still to discover.

This is pretty much all new acts. You know that Robert Forster's album is amazing, that you must buy The Leaf Library's Daylight Versions and that Jonathan Richman's first new material in 5 years is essential? You're smart people. You did know that.

Noteable themes of 2015:

  • the UK DIY scene is on fire. I can't wait to hear what comes next, very possibly some 16-year-olds inspired by what's knocked them out this year
  • Melbourne's gone a bit quiet, but Sydney and Brisbane have taken charge, so Australia is still the window to watch. 
  • it's a girl's world - this compilation could have been 100% women. As it is, two-thirds of the songs are by women or all-women bands, or bands with a distaff element. 
  • and so much brilliant new soul revival music. Yeah, if you're into the very cutting-edge of dance music, you'll dismiss it as 'Dusty Groove soul', but you could easily dismiss much of this compilation as '90s indie revival'. I can live with that.

This is the new stuff that I love. Take your pick. I hope you find something you love.

  1. Rebble - The Cathys
  2. Ferris Wheel - Frozy
  3. Melbourne - Shit Present


  1. Nice list! ;-) - Trev

  2. Yay, been to busy to keep up with your blog (and everybody elses) but just checking in earlier this week and going back through the posts has led to so many discoveries. And now this list! Thanks Ben!