Saturday 5 December 2015

Whyte Horses - Pop or Not

What if Broadcast were influenced by Sesame Street instead of Czech fairy tales?

What if Adventures in Stereo's compact soundtracks were covered by Stereolab?

What if Vashti Bunyan travels by horse and cart had led her not to the Hebrides but continental Europe?

What if Lee Hazlewood's Cowboy In Sweden had been recorded in France?

All of these things and more - Bee Gees psych-pop, Gainsbourg breathy noir, Ellie Greenwich melodrama - make Pop or Not a modern classic ensemble album in the same vintage as Wasps' Nests by The 6ths and Maintenant by Gigi.

Maybe when it's reissued next year (it has to be) in a run greater than 300, it'll hit the headlines and top all the year-end lists.


  1. Sounds amazing. Wish I could afford one :-(

  2. The prices on ebay are optimistic - it's never sold there - and the current discogs asking prices are at least double what it's sold for. I expect they'll come down (and there'll be a reissue, I'm sure)...I hope your Santa is rich if you can't wait that long!

  3. Like your blog, (which I've just discovered doing an internet search for Look Blue Go Purple),very much. Here's a link to mine: Named after a Go-Betweens lyric, a band I also see references to on your blog.

  4. Yes, The Go-Betweens are my favourites (I run the annual McLennan tribute gig). Have checked out your blog and will continue to do so.