Sunday 15 May 2016

Grant McLennan gig - some thanks

That went well, didn't it. Huge thanks to all the bands for playing - they were all brilliant, great musicians who each paid tribute to Grant, differently, distinctly, equally engaging and uplifting. And thanks to everyone who came - I know a lot of you travelled a long way. I spoke to many of you after the gig and know you had as good a time as I did.

I've had a lot of thanks personally and on social media, but there were many hands in this. The very least I could do is publicly thank them here.

John Jervis - he designed the flyer, gave me advice on promoting a gig of this scale and ran the merch stall.

Jonathan Turner of The Go-Betweens site who I relied on from the start for his contacts, suggestions and general wisdom. He also has a car and brought the rider to the venue.

Amos Memon for his expert stage management. Everything ran on time thanks to him. He was calm where I would have been flustered.

Bob Johnson, who's managed The Go-Betweens, and Robert and Grant since 1984. He brought old t-shirts and records, put them on the merch desk and then, very generously, said I could keep any proceeds and give them to the bands.  I did just that. And if there were any t-shirts left over I could give them to the bands. I did that, too.

Paul Kelly for designing the very stylish gig poster. Some are still available.

Kris Gillespie of Domino Records for his enthusiasm and contacts book.

My Hangover Lounge colleagues, Tim, Steve and John, who've contributed enormously to the successful running of our tribute gigs the 5 years previously.

That's all, folks
Within 24 hours people were already asking me about next year's event. I'm not doing one.

I started this annual tribute 6 years ago because it seemed remiss no one else was doing one. This event - the biggest by far, on the exact 10-year anniversary of Grant's death - is the right place to stop.

I loved every part of every McLennan gig we've put on. It was the least we could do.

But just because I've stopped doesn't mean you can't start. If you want to host a Grant McLennan tribute gig in, say, Brisbane, Glasgow or New York, please do. Get in touch and I'll put you in contact with anyone I know who can help you. I'll definitely come to any gig you put on.

Maybe I'll do something for the 15th or 20th anniversary. But now, over to you.

Thanks again.

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