Monday 2 May 2016


As in "like peas" not "penis spelled wrong". Just to be on the safe side, I call them "Pinot" because their serious side - the delicious mauling of George Osborne dressed up as a poison-pen Dear John letter - shouldn't be lost in the smut.

Pinot's (yes, I'm sticking with that) jagged smash-and-grab riffs with simple and effective guitar solos suggests they owe as much to classic rock as punk pop. This is cut from the same cloth - same quality, too - as Mammoth Penguins.

Elsewhere, file them next to Colour Me Wednesday for politics, alienation, instant catchiness and sheer emotional force.

There's a tape. No sleeve, no download code. £5 at gigs. I'm not complaining. They're skint - thanks very much, George - and need the money.

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