Wednesday 15 March 2017

Foxy Morons

The sound of the suburbs intensified. The frustrated teenage dreams of living in a commuter town amplified by living in Tasmania, an island 150 miles away from the Australian mainland.

This is spare music, simple and brittle like the Marine Girls with a wayward punk spikiness like The Slits and broken-down strumming like The Cannanes. Each song only uses about 3 chords because that’s all they need to. It works.

Under The Sea might have a little too much in common with Girl Ray's Trouble - quite possibly coincidentally, so I won't hold that against them. These are early days and it sounds good whatever way you hold it up.

Home suggests where they might go next. It takes the Modern Lovers-style two-note twin engine guitar and keyboard drone of Mainland and turns out a woozy keyboard recalling Quasi’s Featuring “Birds”.

But Mainland tells us one of this 5-piece band has already gone. So this might be the last we hear from Foxy Morons (I know, the band name isn’t the greatest joke in rock history, but that seems to be a thing with Australian bands).

There's quite a Tasmanian scene at the moment. Unless Unity Floors’ Moving To Melbourne becomes the new Australian underground's anthem, it's a window to watch.

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  1. Yeah I think this is a great record too. So glad they did do some recording before they broke up. Otherwise, I would have wondered, was it just a dream. :)