Wednesday 1 November 2017

Rips by Rips (RIP Faux Discx)

Faux Discx (2006 - 2017) is shutting up shop. Apparently there's only so many years a man can take of losing money and living among cardboard boxes of unsold stock.

That stock is on sale now. Really low prices for some truly great records. The last great record I bought from that label is the debut by Rips.

Rips sound like The Strokes - verse hook melodies - and Parquet Courts - fidgety post-punk and excessively lively songs. Austin Brown of Parquet Courts produced the album so that makes sense. I don't know why this album didn't turn on lights around the world. It must be tough putting out records this good and they don't sell out within a week.

There are other great records on Faux Disc going cheap (£3 to £5) that are looking for a home. Buy them. And buy the ones on labels that are still going because otherwise we'll lose those labels as well.

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