Sunday 5 November 2017

The Jonathan Richman story

People were asking: is this guy a genius or a madman?

"Jonathan wandered in with all these people who had acted in Warhol movies. He had the new Velvet Undergound album, Loaded, which I had not heard, and he was really excited by it."
Jerry Harrison

"I called up hospitals because I wanted to do something. I entertained these retarded 'children' - they were aged eight to sixty - and I realised they understood me far better than the so-called unretarded people. If they liked you, you knew they liked you. And I realised that I wanted to get away from the direction that my music was headed."

Edwyn Collins was also a fan, and adapted the title of Orange Juice's debut LP, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, from on a line in Hi Dear on Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers."

"Live At The Longbranch Saloon...proves that the Modern Lovers were light years ahead of their US punk compatriots."

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