Saturday 9 July 2022

Silver Biplanes - Parallel World

Parallel World is Forever Changes mariachi psychedelia meets bewitching English folk. When they pressed record, the sun was setting, home made wine had been drunk and whatever they're smoking wasn't sold over the counter. An instant hit (the music, not what the band were taking).

Think Again elevates the rarefied atmos to, well, let's call it Cosmic English Music. Because they remind me most of Red Chair Fadeaway, once of the Cosmic English Music stable, who numbered the Biplanes Tim Vass, now joined by Vanessa Turner, ex-Melons.

So you know there's pop pedigree, but this is something new (as well as being something old). It's a lathe cut so search auction houses for your fix, or just buy the songs from bandcamp. There's an album next year, and on the basis of these tasters it's going to be pretty sweet.

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